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Richard A. Passwater

Ik stuitte op deze interessante onderzoeker waarover in Nederland niet veel bekend is. Wel vond ik dit interview.


Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., has been a research biochemist since 1959. His first areas of research interest were in the development of pharmaceuticals, spectrophotoluminescence and analytical chemistry. His laboratory research led to his discovery of biological antioxidant synergism in 1962 that has been the focus of his research and patents ever since. In 1970, Dr. Passwater shifted the emphasis of his research from pharmaceuticals to nutrients. In 1975, his best-selling book "Supernutrition: Megavitamin Revolution" was credited with legitimizing megavitamin therapy. Dr. Passwater has continued to research nutritional supplements and has now published over 40 books and booklets, as well as over 450 articles on nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Passwater was Director, Research Analytical Laboratories at Allied Chemical Corporation in Marcus Hook, PA, Director, Applications Research Laboratory at Baxter-Travenol Laboratories, Inc. in Silver Spring, MD, and Vice President of Research of the American Gerontological Research Laboratories Division of Life Science Labs, Inc. in Rockville, MD. He has also served as the Director of the Solgar Nutritional Research Center (1977-1998) and Vice President of Research and Development for Solgar Vitamin & Herb Company (1998-2001). Dr. Passwater is currently the Research Director of the Selenium Nutritional Research Center in Berlin, MD.

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