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Glucosamine krijgt concurrentie - Cynatine

Het populaire supplement dat door veel mensen met gewrichtsklachten wordt gebruikt en een doorn in het oog is van de farmacie die een stuk omzet ziet verschuiven krijgt nu zelf concurrentie uit onverwachte hoek, uit het land van Lord of the Rings komt nu een stof die wordt gewonnen uit de pure wol van New Zeelandse schapen. Deze stof heeft dezelfde voordelen als de combinatie van glucosamine en chondro´tine.

Het bedrijf Keratec ziet grote kansen voor dit produkt en heeft een patent verworven op de extractie van deze stof uit wol.

Zal wel even duren voordat dit supplement op de markt is in Europa maar zal zeker een geducht concurrent worden voor de glucosamine producenten.

Uitgebreide Engelstalige info:


Cynatine FLX™ is a keratin-based ingredient

Joints deteriorate because of inflammation and associated damage by free
radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS), the inability of joint cells to
maintain shock-absorbing polymers, and mechanical stress.

For the first time, a powerful protein ingredient is available that simultaneously improves joint health and acts as an effective antioxidant, better than kiwifruit, apple and broccoli.

Cynatine FLX™ is a keratin-based ingredient, extracted from pure New
Zealand wool using Keratec’s unique patented process. Keratec’s process
keeps the natural amino acid structure of keratin intact. This provides
Cynatine FLX™ with highly potent properties, in a completely soluble and
digestible form with no observable toxicity.

Keratec’s patent-protected extraction process enables the body to absorb
natural amino acids during digestion. The properties of the natural intact
amino acids give Cynatine FLX™ its unique four-fold action addressing
joint health and overall oxidative stress:

  • stimulates the body's proteoglycan synthesis to prevent joint
    breakdown and build joint polymers, thereby increasing shock
  • generates taurine with anti-inflammatory properties for joints.
  • improves the body’s ability to produce glutathione, the body's own
    antioxidant defence mechanism, to fight free radicals and
  • directly protects the body from harmful reactive oxygen species
    (ROS). Research shows Cynatine FLX™ causes cells to proliferate and grow. It also indicates protection against free radical damage by reducing apoptosis (cell death).

Contact details

Keratec Building
1375 Springs Road
Lincoln, Private Bag 4749
New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 325 6687
Fax: +64 3 325 3028

Keratec unravels problem of soluble keratin

What do you get when you cross 12,000 enterprising sheep farmers with a supplements industry that is hungry for innovation? A new joint health ingredient derived from wool that could give chondroitin and glucosamine a run for their money.

New Zealand biotech company Keratec was formed three years ago to commercialize the outcome of 20 years of research funded by the wool growers’ consortium into how they could add value to their core commodity by breaking into more industries besides clothing.
At Supply Expo in Anaheim last week it made its debut in the dietary ingredients industry with the launch of Cynatine, a form of soluble keratin derived from the intermediate filament part of wool fiber.





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