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Your GENES & Nutrition

Dr Paul Clayton graduated summa cum laude in Medical Pharmacology from Edinburgh University, prior to obtaining his PhD. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines. He has worked with leading doctors and clinical scientists at centres of clinical expertise in the UK and abroad, and trained the pharmacists in Britain' s largest chemist chain in preventative nutrition. Dr Clayton has lectured at the Royal College of General Practitioners. He frequently presents at and chairs international conferences on nutrition and health. His books include Health Defence and After Atkins. Eating more fruit and veg is good for you. More specifically, it reduces the risk of degenerative disease and premature death. This simple fact is supported by so many lines of evidence that it is beyond argument, although pockets of resistance remain among the more Neanderthal doctors. The Palaeolithic diet explored by influential scientists such as Professors Boyd Eaton and Loren Cordain, the Mediterranen diet analysed and tested by leading researchers such as Professors Kim Knoops and Katherine Esposito, and most recently the Victorian diet (as revealed by myself and Dr Judith Rowbotham), are all associated with robust good health; and based on large intakes of fruit and vegetables. Conversely, it is equally clear that our historically low intake of fruit and veg, currently averaging 2.5 portions per day (Health of Britain 08), is one of the main reasons why rates of heart disease and cancer have increased ten-fold since 1880 (Clayton & Rowbotham 08). I should point out here that the UK governments figure of an average 3.7 portions a day is just another example of spin (Family Food 05). Their figure was based on amounts of fruit and veg purchased, all of which was supposedly eaten; although in reality, it is well known that as much as 30% of food is wasted (Hunter 98), including 820 million worth of wasted fruit and veg (Ventour 08).

The Commodification of Food

People's Grocery director Brahm Amadhi explains how industrialization has changed our relationship to food and agriculture, and describes efforts to change the current system of production to serve those who have been left out.

Holland, the Movie (trailer film)

Holland, the Movie" wordt de eerste promotiefilm van Nederland die helemaal vanuit de lucht is gefilmd op High Definition. Enjoy your flight over Holland ! De film ligt op 14 november 2008 in de winkel.

Who is the Enemy?

Cheney is only a tool. George Bush is a idiot. The Oligarchy is the enemy. Oligarchism is the enemy.

Project GreenHands - Interview with Sadhguru

Throughout the world dire warnings are being issued about the effects of human activity on the natural environment. Communities on every continent are experiencing the devastation of declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss. Project Greenhands (PGH), a grassroots ecological initiative established by Isha Foundation in Tamil Nadu, India, has grown out of deep concern for the global effects of deforestation and land degradation, and in particular, for the rapidly changing ecology of Tamil Nadu. Drawing extensively on community involvement and large scale volunteer participation, the Project aims to plant 114 million trees state-wide - providing an additional 10% to the existing level of green cover in Tamil Nadu. Since its inception in 2004, PGH has successfully overseen the planting of more than 5 million trees by over one million people. PGH is an action-driven organization that is committed to developing a hands-on approach that can be easily replicated in rural communities worldwide. Through its activities it aims to inspire people around the world to appreciate the true value of trees and the vital role that they play within human environments.

God's Pharmacy

God's Pharmacy - presented by Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy. God left us great clues as to what foods help what parts of our bodies.


Een bijzonder mooi filmpje over groente/fruit en de overeenkomsten met je organen


One Year Later: Lyndon LaRouche Webcast

On July 1, Lyndon LaRouche proposed emergency action by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, to prevent social chaos, in the face of looming collapses of some leading U.S. commercial banks and other financial institutions. LaRouche presented two emergency measures, aimed as stop-gaps, to prevent chaos. First, he called for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to four percent, in order to assure that institutional depositors maintain their deposits in the banking system. Second, LaRouche called on the Federal Reserve to make it clear that whenever any commercial banks face insolvency, they will be put through bankruptcy reorganization under Fed protection. LaRouche further emphasized that the Federal government must immediately enact legislation, to massively increase credit for vital infrastructure projects.

Today, LaRouche reiterated that the Fed must increase the interest rate to 4 percent. The only exception to this rate would be federally legislated credit extended for the development of needed infrastructure projects based on a capital budget approach. The interest on this credit should be in the range of 1 to 2 percent. We would thus have a two-tier credit system. LaRouche emphasized that the 4 percent interest rate is necessary to staunch the flow of funds out of the system into speculation and to defend the U.S. against the British and the Europeans who are trying to incite panic in order to trigger an outflow of funds from the U.S. and a collapse of the dollar. LaRouche stressed that if the dollar collapses, then everything is gone.

Raising the interest rate to 4 percent is a simple monetarist step, but it must be applied now to stop the chaos which will otherwise ensue. Sources have told us that there is currently a faction fight at the Federal Reserve and that some are pushing now for higher interest rates. Today, the Gary Stern, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis and a voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), responsible for setting rates, called for an increase in interest rates and said that this should not wait. Also the minutes of the FOMC meeting on June 24-25, released on July 15, revealed that some members of the Fed called for interest rates to be increased by the Fed "very soon."

Who is the Enemy?

Andrew Kimbrell - Secret Changes in Your Food

Andrew Kimbrell visits Google's Mountain View, CA headquarters to discuss his book "Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food." This event took place on July 22, 2008, as part of the Authors@Google series. More than half of America's processed grocery products -- from corn flakes to granola bars to diet drinks -- contain genetically altered ingredients. They are unlabeled and untested, and we are eating them. "Your Right to Know" is a complete, full-color reference guide outlining how unmarked genetically modified foods go from the factory to the family dining table, and what consumers can do about the health risks they present. This accessible guide is for concerned parents -- as well as anyone concerned about genetically altered foods -- who want to know more about the potential health risks, the organic alternatives, and the methods available to counter the corporate takeover of the food we eat.

Meer info over deze klokkenluider:

Low Fat Diet Vs Low Carb Diet, Saturated Fat & Coconut Oil

Is a low fat diet really good for weight loss and cholesterol levels? A new two year study found that a low carb diet and the Mediterranean diet were more effective for weight loss and cholesterol than a low fat diet.

Better Body Clinical Nutrition
Joe Stickland, A.C.N
Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Obesity Gene Increases Hunger

A gene linked to obesity appears to make people put on weight by keeping them hungry after they've eaten. Sky\u2019s Ursula Errington reports.

The Onion: Domino's Tests Limits Of What Humans Will Eat

Despite ethical concerns about testing on humans, researchers say their work was necessary to determine the boundary between garbage and food.

UK Fast Food Chains Criticised

Britain's leading take away food chains aren't doing enough to provide nutritional information to customers about their food. That's according to research by the National Consumer Council. Sky's Jane Chilton reports.

Fox News Busted

Ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan exposed Fox News as a propaganda tool for the White House on Chris Mathews Hardball. Fox in the White House: It is one of those things you kind of assume to be true all along... and yet are shocked when hard confirmation actually comes. Our fourth story tonight, from the former White House press secretary himself, word that the Bush White House routinely sent--and as far as we know, still sends-- literal talking points to Fox News for its primetime propagandists, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and others... to spout, as if ventriloquist dummies, as if they had thought of it themselves, as if they had come to those opinions independently, as if there had been a process either fair... or balanced.

Voormalig astronaut klapt uit de school over bestaan UFO's

Edgar Mitchell interview about aliens,UFO discloser ,23 july,2008

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell grew up in Roswell, New Mexico. His family knew the ranchers where an alien spacecraft came down in 1947. Also, being an astronaut who went to the moon, he learn from high ranking military and intelligence people that the event DID happen. He suspects the government has a back-engineering program going on, although he's not sure whether or not they've been successful.

Depression, Diet May Affect Your Symptoms

Depression: How does diet affect my symptoms of depression? Margaret Christensen, M.D., is a pioneer in Women's Wellness, Originally trained as an OB-GYN. For more information a PMS go to and share you story now.

Bipolar Disorder Medications: The Truth

I am not a doctor or physician, but from my own experience and that of others I have found that medication along with psychotherapy is the best defense against having your symptoms flare up. It took me nine years to find the best medications for me, but I was stabilized for quite some time, allowing myself to live a normal life. Some medications for Bipolar Disorder are very helpful to lead a "normal life", whatever that might mean for you. I know (because I have gone off meds) that without them I can not survive. I have to have some form of chemical antidote to my chemical imbalance. If people need insulin for diabetes, we need medications to deal with bipolar disorder. Many people can disagree with this, but it is the most common form of managing a very serious illness such as bipolar disorder or manic depression. What comes across in the texts which I receive from people who are weaning themselves off medications or have completely stopped their medications, or are trying to manage their illness through various diets, are many manifestations of pressured thoughts, hypergraphia, euphoria, and hypomania without insight into the reappearance of their bipolar disorder. I must reiterate that bipolar disorder is a derangement of brain biochemistry to such an extent that dietary changes and vitamin supplements cannot overcome the neurochemistry of the illness itself. Supplements such as Omega-3 fish oils, folic acid, and other vitamins in addition to a healthy diet can help stabilize us as long as we are already on adequate medications. Bipolar disorder, like schizophrenia, requires medications for the amelioration of symptoms, and there are no alternative options.

Chris Rocks Exposes Manipulative Marketing of Drug Companies

In this brief segment (with added excerpts from the song, "The Pills I Need" at the end), Chris Rock hits the nail on the head in regard to governmental drug policy. For additional videos exploring personal drug use---especially the sacred sacraments---see (you can also download this video there). And if you wonder why we call them "sacraments," here's scientific proof that psychedelics facilitate genuine religious experiences: In 2006, researchers at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical School, in a controlled double blind study, showed that those administered the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms had profound religious experiences. To see a video and major media reports about that study, see

Aiko Canadian android

Aiko is the brainchild of robotics developer Le Trung and the first Canadian android to make a public appearance. Hopefully the attention will help get this poor girl the support she needs to get up out of that wheelchair and learn to walk.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Verbazingwekkend Universeel Hulpmiddel voor Genezing  door de grondlegger Gary Craig. Introductie van Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) een universeel hulpmiddel voor genezing dat vaak werkt waar al het andere faalt.

Lindsey Williams with Butch Paugh - $2 gallon gas

On July 9, 2008, Lindsey Williams gave Pastor Butch an exclusive final interview about the elite's plan (as declared to Williams) to lower the price of oil to $50 per barrel in order to ultimately crash the U.S. dollar.
This is a very audio broadcast with Lindsey Williams, a christian minister who has been given great insight
(by the people who know) in the developments in the US and world economy as a whole in the next year
to come.

Tip: Healthranger7

Andere delen

Food & Toxins: Keeping You Fat

Eating organic may help prevent obesity. Lose weight with an organic diet.

Japan's Fat Problem

As Japanese citizens continue to gain weight from American-style diets, officials will now penalize corporations if they are unable to get employees to slim down. Barry Petersen reports from Tokyo.

Iams: A Recipe for Cruelty - 8 min

A nine-month investigation into the pet food giant reveals dogs and cats fed a steady diet of loneliness, suffering, and neglect in their laboratory cages.

Kids & High Cholesterol Drugs

With raising obesity rates in America, children are actually being found to have high cholesterol. Does your child need to be on a drug like Lipitor, Zocor or Pravachol for their health?

Ethics air freight of food and flowers and carbon offsetting - 9 min

Street Food - Cairo

A desperate shortage of staple foods, brought about partly by rising oil prices, has sparked riots around the world. In Egypt, where the common word for bread is 'life', Street Food investigates the cost for the average person.

How Increased Sun Exposure Could Save Millions of Lives

In this excerpt from the Inner Circle interview, Dr. William Grant, MD., Ph.D. explains how sunlight can help save millions of lives every year.

Sustainable packaging -- paper, board and plastics

Will we destroy our planet? Change from plastics to paper packaging. Plastic bottles to paper bottles -- added efficiency on shelves from liquid cartons. Recycling challenges from liquid food cartons eg Tetrapak. Innovation in packaging to save weight, cost. Future of plastic bags -- new regulations. Protection of forests and sustainable forestry. Reducing energy in paper pulp processes. Wood industry will move from supplier of paper to deliverer of power. Increased recycling will reduce paper demand in Europe, releasing more wood for power. Carbon offsetting impact on paper manufacturing, sales and distribution. Making life easy in a great way for our future world.

Biofuels scandal + food prices. Biofuel crisis, biofuel oil

Why biofuel industry is dead -- biofuel by converting food into oil is stupid and immoral. Biodiesel, biomass, biowaste and sugar to fuel conversion into biofuels. Foor price rises. World bank report on biofuels and food prices. Ethanol and gasoline or petrol mix, European Union EU policy changes on biofuel. Biofuels policy reversal.

Investment funds and pensions scandal? Fund management risk

Many fund managers don't recommend own retail investment funds to family and do not chose to invest own wealth in own funds. Future scandal in fund management? Risk management keynote conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon addressing 100s of leading fund managers. Market confidence and investment fund misselling? Spitzer inquiry into financial services integrity, sales commissions, agents and distribution. Real investment returns low in many actively managed funds compared to tracker funds. Management charges often wipe out gains and teams move between companies so another reason why performance varies even in same company.

Dr. Bob DeMaria: Food Additives


Street Food - Beijing

China's economy is expanding at an astounding rate - but its waistlines are too. The food of the streets tells the story of a culture torn between tradition and modernity, the customs of an ancient past competing with the convenience age of the new. What will survive and what will be lost? In a China which has gone within two generations from mass starvation to mass obesity, what does the future hold?

The Appropriate Use of ElectroDermal Screening

Dr. WIlliam LaValley talks with Dr. Mercola about the appropriate use of ElectroDermal Screening.

Witches' brew of drugs found in local waterways

Drugs in our streams: Water quality specialist discusses study

Quantum Hamer Medicine

This course provides an understanding of the correlation between disease and emotional conflict, as well as describes the concept of Hamer Medicine, the physiopathology of diseases, and how they may relate to certain emotional conditions. In addition, the course correlates these ideas with the use of advanced biofeedback devices (EPFX/SCIO) as a means of solving biological conflict. Students will better understand the concept of biological "conflict-shock" and its psycho-physiological consequences. Basic elements of embryology and its correlation with different types of tumors will be reviewed. The Five Biological Laws will be presented, along with the concept of "Biologie Totale," or Total Biology, which will add a quantic dimension to this new system of Hamer Medicine.


Bacteria are our most distant known ancestors, from more than 3.5 billion years back. In Australia, geologists are searching to locate fossils of these distant relatives, the cyanobacteria, on rock fragments. One-and-a-half billion years ago, bacteria proliferated and joined together to form the first multi-cellular being that neither breathed nor photosynthesized and which had a greatly limited genetic inheritance. Scientists named him Lucas. So how did Lucas live in such an extreme environment inhabited by menacing viruses? To answer this question, researchers are trying to track down fossils of Lucas in South Africa and Greenland. Other teams working in Antarctica have discovered colonies of bacteria that prosper in temperatures of -68 degrees Celsius, in conditions that resemble those found on Mars. A group of Japanese and American scientists are even attempting to recreate him with computers. What has been discovered is that bacteria are in fact capable of surviving in an icy hell or an inferno because they possess a veritable repair kit, with which they can reconstitute broken fragments of DNA. This program explores all the possibilities presented by bacteria to make our lifestyle in the future easier still, and how we will be able to transform their potential from being the cause of illness to being harnessed to improve our lives.


T. Boone Pickens: Longer Explanation of His Plan

T. Boone Pickens gives an extended account of his plan to break America's dependency on foreign oil. With a combination of domestic natural gas and renewable alternative, Pickens offers an action plan to save America's energy future.

The Dangers Of Using Microwaves

It's a known fact that using microwave to heat up food has negative effects on the human body. Listen to Dr. Group explain the dangers of using microwaves to heat up your food.

Politicians vote to avoid the promised referendum on the EU

Dishonesty and avoidance tactics from some familiar faces, and some unfamiliar faces, as the puppet representatives of the REAL government conspire to abolish British national sovereignty and to prevent the referendum that was promised to the British people. The Lisbon Treaty was always a "must be" - a necessary step in the long-term plans of the architects of this new world order.

How to Remove Pesticides from Fruit with Fred Brown

Pesticide residues remain in most fruits and vegetables, even after being washed with detergents. The reason? Pesticide resides are not removed normally from fruits and vegetables, even afer washing. The reason? Pesticides are oil-based, and as we know, oil and water do not mix. Oil is usually not removed by water, certainly not tap water, which introduces other problems. The solution is to use a special kind of water called Kangen Water. Fred Brown, Vegas Buzz Featured Columnist and water expert, gives us a demonstration of the removal of pesticide residues from fruit served at a buffet. Incredible. No wonder so many people get sick eating food inside the house or out.

Propaganda - Promoting brain chips as a virtual necessity

We are being trained to accept microchip implants, and even brain chips. Here we see one example of the marketing, or massive ongoing propaganda campaign, while frontmen like Ray Kurzweil constantly repeat the notion that it is all inevitable i.e. that in the next 20-40 years most people will be "upgraded" in this way. The words of Paul Saffo, a Technology Forecaster at Stanford University, almost sound like a threat "The big losers [of this revolution] are the people who say they don't want to get involved. They're the ones who are going to discover that being a little bit out of touch will have some unpleasant consequences. So this is a revolution where it's not a good idea to be a bystander."

Guantanamo Bay child soldier CSIS interrogation - Omar Khadr

A teenage Omar Khadr sobs uncontrollably as Canadian spy agents question him at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in a brief video excerpt released via the internet early Tuesday morning. The 10-minute video posted just after 5 a.m. ET is of poor quality and the voices are often inaudible, as it was never intended to be viewed by the public. But it shows Khadr, 16 at the time, being interviewed by Canadian officials in late February 2003. The excerpt is from five formerly classified DVDs consisting of 7.5 hours of questioning, six months after Khadr was captured following a 2002 firefight in Afghanistan. The tapes, made public under a court order obtained by Khadr's lawyers, offer a rare glimpse of interrogations of Guantanamo detainees and of Khadr. Khadr, now 21, has been held at the military prison for the past six years. Shows interrogator wounds At one point during one of the interviews, Khadr raises his orange shirt to show wounds on his back and stomach that he says he sustained during the firefight.

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former CSIS agent, told CBC that the unprecedented release of the interrogation tapes is likely to put a damper on Canada's relationship with the U.S. — at least in the short term. "Anybody can logically sort of assume that the Americans will be a little bit more cautious about what they give to us or or in the context they give it to us, the Canadian authorities," he said Monday. In May, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that branches of the Canadian government had to hand over key evidence against Khadr to his legal team to allow a full defence of the charges against him, which include accusations by the U.S. that he spied for and provided material support to terrorists. Several Canadian media organizations then applied for and obtained the release of the DVDs, as well as a package of documents that made headlines last week. Disc copies of the 5-DVD collection were to be made available to the media at 1 p.m. ET at the lawyers' offices in Edmonton.

Primal Instinct

Examines the nature of fear - our most primal and powerful emotion. From its evolutionary origins in the involuntary fight-or-flight survival instinct to its essential function as a learning tool today. Utilising advanced computer graphic imagery Primal Instincts journeys inside the brain to witness the amazing work of the tiny but powerful amygdala - the most primitive part of the brain that puts us on high alert before we even know we are afraid. Melbourne pizza worker, Giles, knows what paralysing fear feels like and the program recreates the night his restaurant was robbed by a knife-wielding attacker. Primal Instincts travels to the ends of the fear spectrum, beginning with those who are unable to experience the emotion - and the harm they can do to themselves and to others. We also meet people who suffer from fear gone wrong and find out how phobias can hijack the 'thinking' part of the brain - the frontal cortex. The study of fear is one of the hottest topics in emotions research today. It turns out one protein in the brain could be responsible for all panic attacks.

Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism

Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know




Arena - The Burger and the King

A remarkable guided tour through the culinary world of Elvis Presley, in his later years famed as much for his appetite as for his music. The King's passion for food is recounted by close friends, relatives and personal cooks who share the recipes that kept their idol happy. From the squirrel and racoon dishes of his youth to the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches that contributed to his demise.


Fast food ban?

CNN's Chris Lawrence reports on a proposal to stop allowing any more fast food joints in a big part of Los Angeles.

Roundup of hippy aluminium-free deodorants

Many people are choosing aluminium-free deodorants, but it's notoriously hard to find one that works. Hippyshopper's reviewers put a selection to the test, and share the results with you here.

Aluminum, Friendly Foe

Aluminum is all around us. From the tap water, canned drinks, soda pop, beer, teas, etc., pastries, cookware, anti-perspirants, underarm deodorants, table salt, baking powder. Read labels, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Alum. Aluminum is usually suttle, although it is constantly affecting parts of one's body at the cellular level. My belief is that one day, Aluminum will be found at the seed of all disease. Drink healthy spring water. Choose wisely. Alzheimer's and dementia and other challenges...


De Farmacratische Inquisitie

Dit is de Nederlands ondertitelde versie van The Pharmacratic Inquisition, een film uit 2007 over de rol die bewustzijnsverruimende planten en paddenstoelen gespeeld hebben in de ontwikkeling van folklore en religie. De grote godsdiensten zijn zich niet meer bewust van dit psychedelische verleden en doen er alles aan om het gebruik van deze planten te ontmoedigen. Vorig jaar heeft Minister Ab Klink van het Christelijk Democratisch Appel aangekondigd de paddo te gaan verbieden, ook al heeft hij daar geen goede redenen voor. Onlangs liet hij weten ook de Vliegenzwam op de verboden lijst te willen plaatsen. Toen ik dit las, besloot ik dat er een Nederlandse vertaling moest komen van The Pharmacratic Inquisition. Zie hier het resultaat. Ivar Verploegh

The Dangers of Plastic: Interview with Charles Moore

This interview with Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Research Institute, highlights some of the problems of plastic contamination.

David Icke - Big Brother, the Big Picture

David Icke speaks to the constituents of Haltemprice and Howden about the 'Big Brother' election, forced by the resignation of David Davis, and the move towards the global Big Brother enslavement we are all facing. (Official Full Version)

Look but don't touch

Alesha Adams looks at the Photoshopped world of glassy magazines and how fake images affect young girls body image.




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